Autumn is a wonderful time of year, as the world around us changes colour. I love watching the leaves turn a stunning mix of yellow, orange, red, gold and brown. September and October also bring us some truly incredible seasonal flowers in these gorgeous rich hues and here I have given you a glimpse of some of my favourites…


I love using Hydrangea in the early autumn, as their huge showy blooms are perfect for adding a country feel. The richer greens and burgundies look stunning in a bouquet, table centre or large arrangement – they really are very versatile! Any yes, you may spot that they are available all summer long, but I like using them in the autumn, when the colours are deeper and they’ve had time to harden off, meaning they last beautifully in both the vase and floral foam.


Ooooh Dahlias! Reaching the end of their season come mid-September, but most definitely worth a mention. Luckily for me and for you, they come in so many colours, shades and tones fitting into most colour schemes. You can have deep burgundy all the way through to white, but sadly not blue or green. Each flower head is absolutely packed full of exquisitely curled petals and adds a bold statement to any bridal arrangement.

Autumn Bouquet


I loved growing sunflowers as a child and they remind me so much of my parent’s garden – seeing how tall they would grow! They are instantly recognisable, vibrant and striking, and come in a variety of different sizes – Perfect little ones for buttonholes and huge showy ones for those eye-catching statement pieces. Sunflowers look great however you have them – you can show off their individuality in a bouquet or vase, or mix them with complimentary flowers, foliage or grass to give a truly spectacular display.

Foliage and seed heads

Flowers aren’t the only beauty on offer in the early autumn, there are wonderful seed heads too. The Poppy, Crocosmia and Scabious seed heads look amazingly beautiful in arrangements, adding both texture and depth. I particularly like using Crocosmia seed heads with Sunflowers, they really add something special. And if you are looking for a gorgeous autumnal leaf, look no further than Cotinus (Smoke Bush). It comes in a stunning mix of burnt red, brown and tinges of green, and when the sun shines through it, it really screams autumn at you!