Rebecca Yussuf Florist

Rebecca Yussuf

It may sound cliche, but I absolutely love everything about being a florist. Flowers bring people such joy, they evoke memories and their beauty is often unrivaled in nature. I am honestly at my happiest in my Studio with a big bucket of blooms, a pair of scissors and a wonderfully creative brief. The feeling I get when I bring something to life that only previously existed in someone’s imagination is beyond words.

Rebecca thank YOU so much for the flowers – I can’t tell you how grateful Ricky & I were to see the marquee – it was simply stunning. I absolutely loved my bouquet & the bridesmaids flowers – honestly I couldn’t have wished for anything more. Thank you for all your hard work! Just amazing!

Claire and Ricky – Falconhurst, July 2018

I am truly honoured that my couples trust me with their vision – It is not something I take lightly. A lot of work goes into each step, from consultations to proposals and mood boards, selecting every single stem of foliage and flower, the fine details that make everything so personal and finally seeing it all come together on the day of the wedding.. It makes me incredibly happy.

Florist Work Area

I hope that one day my daughter will share in my love of flowers too, just like my Dad and before him, my Grandma. It is their passion for the outdoors, for flowers, for growing, that has inspired me so much over the years. My Grandma was once a florist and following in her footsteps makes me so unbelievably proud.