About Rebecca Yussuf

Flowers bring such joy, they evoke wonderful memories and their beauty is often unrivalled in nature.

How lucky am I to get to create this for you on your wedding day?

Can you tell that I absolutely love everything about being a wedding florist?

I am honestly at my happiest with a bucket of blooms, a pair of scissors and a wonderfully creative brief. The feeling I get when I bring something to life that only previously existed in someone’s imagination is beyond words.

Rebecca Yussuf of Lilac and Lace Floral Design, a wedding florist in Kent, England.

My path to being a wedding florist is perhaps an odd one, but my adventures have definitely shaped the person I am today. I grew up in rural Suffolk in a tiny village with nature on my doorstep, cycling in the lanes and watching the combines for hours. At 16, I decided to spend a month in Venezuela and it is a country I hold in my heart. I cannot begin to tell you the beauty, the waterfalls, the sunsets..

I always wanted to be just like Sir David Attenborough – he is and always will be my hero! Instead, through various plots twists, I became a Meteorologist and forecast the weather for airports, roads and then finally for tv. I loved my job, but the hours were very long and unsocial. The garden became my retreat and I grew flowers, trying to emulate my dad and grandma. She was a florist too!

In 2014, I was brought an introduction to floristry course at the local college and the rest as they say is history!

My floral design

I know what you are perhaps thinking.. how can a scientist suddenly become a creative artist? Well, I guess it was always in there just kind of bursting to come out. I absolutely love to paint and create with a brush, and now I get to do the same with flowers.

My style is warm and personal, natural and effortless – I always want my designs to look like they have just fallen together. I love to use lots of different textures and beautiful scent too –  There is something so romantic about the idea that a couple could be instantly taken back to their wedding day by the sight or scent of a flower that they simply brush past in a garden.

My love of nature is at the heart of everything I do and I made a very conscious decision back in 2018 to stop using floral foam. Since then, I have worked very hard on changing my little flowery world into something that treads incredibly gently on the planet. In 2023, I started growing my own flowers and will continue to do this more and more in the years to come.

Rebecca thank YOU so much for the flowers – I can’t tell you how grateful Ricky & I were to see the marquee – it was simply stunning. I absolutely loved my bouquet & the bridesmaids flowers – honestly I couldn’t have wished for anything more. Thank you for all your hard work! Just amazing!

Claire and Ricky
Falconhurst, July 2018

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